investment process

Simply put, our unique process gives us an edge in serving the needs of our non-profit clients and is a product of three key areas of focus:


True Portfolio Diversification

We Take an Experienced and Nuanced Approach to Allocation

Allocations are based on risk and return exposure, not asset class labels.

We Use Efficient Implementation to Control Fees

We seek the appropriate solution for the situation, investing in actively managed strategies only when rewarded to do so.

We Employ Uncorrelated Strategies to Drive Alpha and Manage Risk

We seek out and employ low or negatively correlated, idiosyncratic strategies.

We Believe High Conviction Portfolios Outperform in the Long Term

We are high conviction investors and avoid overdiversification.


Active Risk Management

Our Assessment of Risk is an Ongoing Process

We evaluate risk across the portfolio, manager, and strategy levels while maintaining adequate liquidity. We aim to understand the complex risks and sources of return over time, including those that are often overlooked. For example, we believe Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) dynamics can influence risk and return characteristics.

Verger Capital Management Process Critical Feedback Loop

We Provide Dynamic Management Across Market Cycles

We don’t just assess and monitor risk, we proactively respond to it, through dynamic allocation adjustments, and the use of portfolio hedges to help manage volatility, provide liquidity, and mitigate unwarranted exposures.


Unconstrained Idea Generation

Our Idea Network is Broad

We believe good ideas can come from anywhere and work directly with a broad network of carefully vetted investment managers, peers, and partners to complement and inform our market view.

We Dig Deep to Find Highly Skilled Managers

We apply rigorous due diligence to our manager selection process, seeking both established brand-name managers and smaller, often under-the-radar managers across a wide range of strategies and investment ideas.

Portfolios Built for Today’s Needs
and Tomorrow’s Challenges

We strive to build sophisticated antifragile, all-weather portfolios that are strategically aligned with the growth and spending goals you must meet today and sustain in perpetuity.

Our flexible investment structure offers clients the advantages of both in-the-ground, tested strategies and customization.

Day one participation in a seasoned, diversified portfolio, including carefully selected private and alternative investments

Complementary custom accounts that are designed to meet client-specific needs and objectives

Client-Focused Portfolios

Our unique process and structure is designed to give you an edge over your peers.