investment philosophy

Helping non-profits achieve their goals and aspirations is central to who we are and why we were founded. Our investment philosophy supports your mission by seeking to deliver strong, stable, risk-adjusted returns with consistent and reliable payouts in perpetuity. It is centered on three core pillars:



Preserve your assets across market cycles so you can move your mission forward with confidence.

The critical role your investment portfolio plays for your institution doesn’t change, even though markets inevitably do. First and foremost, we seek to protect client assets from the unexpected so they can rely on their investment portfolio when they need it most. We accomplish this through our focus on all-weather, antifragile portfolios that allow us to play both offense and defense as market environments ebb and flow.



Consistently maintain and grow the purchasing power of your assets.

The needs of the communities you serve are continuously growing, and so are we. We pursue investment opportunities that seek high risk-adjusted returns through all market environments with the objectives of outperforming spending, inflation, fees, and growing the purchasing power of the assets we manage. Our process emphasizes allocations to innovative, idiosyncratic strategies with diverse underlying return drivers (e.g., growth, inflation, volatility, deflation).



Enable your organization to improve and empower the lives you touch in perpetuity.

It’s not only about the needs of today, but also a responsibility for the needs of future generations. We evaluate client needs through the lens of perpetuity, understanding that our allocation and portfolio construction decisions impact their critical need for liquidity. Our goal is to provide clients with stable, predictable, and growing distributions as well as access to capital in times of stress.

Working with you

It all comes down to people and connecting. From investment advisory to client service, we work to meet the needs of our clients’ diverse group of stakeholders.

  • engage


    Through a dedicated point-of-contact, we support your institution across multiple levels — from board members to your institution’s broader community. Our highly collaborative approach offers 360-degree support with access to our investment team, clients, and leading investment managers.

  • integrate


    We act as a true extension of your staff, working tirelessly to understand your institution’s entire financial picture. We integrate seamlessly into your organization to provide a frictionless client onboarding and service experience.

  • educate


    We serve as a valued resource to you and your institution, offering timely perspectives on the markets, as well as on global events that can impact your portfolio and your broader goals. We educate your stakeholders on the importance of your endowment and the rationale for the investment decisions we make.

Our mission is to invest in the lives of others, which is why we work with non-profit institutions like yours.