Celebrating 10 Years of Investing in the Lives of Others

Our team reflects on Verger’s journey over the past ten years, our non-profit roots, and our grit and determination through it all. In this time, we’ve built on our mission, mantra, and core values to forge deep connections with our clients and community, all while honoring a shared commitment to creating meaningful impact. As we celebrate our achievements and look ahead to the next chapter, we’re filled with anticipation for the continued growth, collaboration, and positive change we’ll achieve together.

Celebrating 10 years of Protect, Perform, Provide

Verger was founded to help non-profits achieve their goals and aspirations through the pursuit of strong, stable, risk-adjusted returns and consistent, reliable payouts in perpetuity. At the core of our investment philosophy is the balance between participating in market upside and protecting on the downside.

We are pleased that, since our inception, we have been able to provide Verger’s clients with attractive risk adjusted returns, with portfolios designed to provide repeatable and predictable distributions to support their missions. We believe we are well positioned to continuing doing so going forward, no matter the market environment.







Celebrating 10 years of Verger’s core values

Celebrating 10 years of Engage, Integrate, Educate

We at Verger are grateful for the long-term, collaborative relationships we’ve developed. We enjoy supporting and engaging our clients beyond the boundaries of traditional investment services, working as an extension of their staff, and acting as resource to provide perspective, value, and transparency. We appreciate the opportunities to better understand our clients’ missions and the needs of our community, while providing volunteer time and resources to make a positive impact.

Building an ongoing dialogue around continued evolution and growth

At Verger, we seek to share what we learn along the way by publishing articles, white papers, and resource guides for our clients and industry peers.

As one example, Verger has fine-tuned a list of essential questions for prospective and existing board members as part of non-profits’ onboarding or ongoing self-assessment processes. This resource is designed to bolster board members’ skills across:

  • enhancing effective governance; and
  • creating long-lasting positive impact in line with their non-profit’s mission.