Our Unique Position

We're not like the others.

We believe talent can thrive in a simple environment that focuses on the goals of our clients. Verger was created with a goal of helping our clients invest in their students, patients and patrons.

Flat Org Chart

We have a flat org chart.

Our org chart is vertically challenged by design - it's how we maintain an interactive and results-driven culture. Not only does this create an environment that attracts top talent and gives them a reason to stay, it provides our clients with direct access to a senior-level team with extensive knowledge of their business.

Staff Investment

We act like we own the place.

Verger was structured in a way that will allow team members to be monetarily invested. Creating not only incentive, but stability for the company as well as our clients. We find that to be a powerful motivator.


Generalists specialize in doing more.

Markets fluctuate, situations are not always what they seem and the window of opportunity closes quickly. When you can wear a lot of hats, you don't need as many heads. And we believe that's good for business.